A Quick Case Study

It’s unfortunate that, but you really can’t trust anyone who contacts you without vetting and confirming on your own, even a missionary. For the moment, this is the world we live in, so the best thing you can do is educate yourself and take proactive action to defend yourself.

Anonymous Debit Cards with Privacy.com

The information about what you buy and where you buy it is worth a small fortune. And companies and governments stumble over one another trying to gather it. There might not be anything directly nefarious about this. Ostensibly, companies want to provide you better, more tailored ads, and governments want to be able to better … Read more

Closeups of Yamaha Flangectomy

I love working with Yamaha pianos; however, Yamaha uprights made before approximately 1988 suffer a common problem. These pianos make use of a particular kind of flange (called with a Schwander-style or Japanese flange), which in its earlier incarnations relied of a thin piece of cotton thread. That thread, used to retain the hammer return … Read more

Items I Carry In My Car

When in doubt, I make lists. Historically, this has been a great plan: Entire religions have been founded based on the careful list-making of certain individuals. This towering list is comprised of items I carry in my car. If you like to be obsessively prepared for everything from disaster to the mundane, here are my … Read more